December 10, 2010


I love my daughter.  I really do.  For ever and ever and always.

But, some mornings I find myself wondering if she has toddler PMS.  One morning she can be the worst child on the planet, throwing the biggest fit because someone 'looked' at her to the next day being the sweetest angel on the planet.

Night and Day! 

Monday was horrible for us.  Kiddo woke up with a crick in her neck.  Painful, yes.  Gonna kill you?  No.  You would have thought someone tore off an appendage the way she was acting.  Cried all the way to school.  Cried at school.  And no, I am not the nice Mommy that lets my kid stay home from school because of a crick in her neck.  She has things to learn!  And Mommy needs some quiet time.

Took me a good 15 minutes or so at school to calm her down enough to wear I could pry her off of me and drop her off with her teacher.  Not fun days.

Then comes Tuesday.  Sweetest angel around.  Was telling me she loved me every 5 minutes.  Went right into school with me only having to tell her once.  Went right into her class without 10 hugs and 15 kisses and 20 high fives.  Yes, that's our routine.  A kiss.  A hug.  A high-five.  Then I leave.  Some days it takes longer than others.

After I walk out of her school and am driving to work, I think, "Man, that sure was opposite of yesterday!"

Why can't that child be around everyday?  I know, I know.  Then life would be perfect and who wants that?  None of us are perfect.

She's just showing me ALL sides of her 3 year (almost 4 year) old personality.  Lucky me.  If only I can survive her teenage years...
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