December 21, 2010

A Modern Day Christmas Story

This past Sunday was my last Sunday to teach Youth Sunday School until this summer. We work on a rotation schedule.

I've really enjoyed my time teaching these kids. We may have a small group but we have a good group.

This Sunday's lesson was on Love's Great Sacrifice.  I changed it up a bit (which is BIG for me, I don't usually vary from the lesson).  I wanted to include some things from Mary and Joseph since it was the last Sunday before Christmas, Jesus' birthday.

We talked about how much Joseph loved Mary and he could have turn and ran the other way when she told him she was a virgin but was pregnant.

We talked about what it would have been like if Mary and Joseph lived in today's times.  People would laugh at Mary and call her a liar.  People would suggest/recommend she terminate the pregnancy.

Then one of the older boys said something about how it would be all over Facebook.

What great timing he has.  I showed this video to them next.

It was amazing to see their faces.  They watched so intently!  It really made the lesson!

We talked a bit more about how love's great sacrifice comes in many forms. But the greatest sacrifice of love was the fact that God gave His only SON to DIE for all of us.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Never take love for granted. It began with God.  And, because of that love, we are able to have a free and unconditional relationship with Him, if we choose it.

I know I said it already, but I've really enjoyed this rotation with these kids.  Young adults. And the other teachers are pretty cool too.

And, 2 of them accepted Christ into their hearts last week.  Pretty cool!
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