December 14, 2010

Mercy Me - Joseph's Lullaby

UPDATE:  Right now, this song is FREE on Amazon!
Visit this link to get it! Enjoy!

I LOVE Christmas music.  

Yes, I'm the dork that will sometimes open my itunes in July and 
listen to some Casting Crowns, Peace on Earth.

I'm also a huge fan of Mercy Me.  I heard this song on KLove the other morning on the way to work.  The video below is not the best quality but I LOVE the story that lead singer Bart Millard tells at the beginning.  Listen to the words.  It's from Joseph's perspective.  Then he throws in another of my favorite songs at the end.

Go to sleep my Son
This manger for your bed
You have a long road before You
Rest Your little head

Can You feel the weight of Your glory?
Do You understand the price?
Or does the Father guard Your heart for now
So You can sleep tonight?

Go to sleep my Son
Go and chase Your dreams
This world can wait for one more moment
Go and sleep in peace

I believe the glory of Heaven
Is lying in my arms tonight
But Lord, I ask that He for just this moment
Simply be my child

Go to sleep my Son
Baby, close Your eyes
Soon enough You'll save the day
But for now, dear Child of mine
Oh my Jesus, Sleep tight

So Santa, if you are reading, I would LOVE some itunes credits 
so I can download songs like this one.
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