December 12, 2010

In exactly one short month, my kiddo will be 4. That actually kind of scares me! I can't believe how quickly it's gotten here!

Last night, she and I kept sweet Frances for my friend. She's such a sweet baby! She cried a little on the way home and my kiddo had the best time trying to get her to laugh! She will one day make a big sister. And no, don't ask me when.

I remember this time 4 short years ago just like it was yesterday! I was beginning to get slightly uncomfortable. I remember being at a wedding and the hubby getting to see her actually move her foot around my belly. He said it looked like I had an alien in there.
I guess if I've survived 4 years, I can survive some more! And yes, I went in last night and checked to see if she was breathing once she was asleep.
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