December 26, 2010

Christmas Hangover

We had a great Christmas!  We had multiple celebrations and we are feeling the affects today.

This is what my living room looked like yesterday after Santa came and all had to be opened and played with.  I really think my kiddo has ADD as she would go to one thing and play with it and then 1 minute later, move on to something else. Maybe that's just all kids at Christmas.

So today, we are soaking it all up. Being heathens and skipping church, GASP!  We are all just too tired and need at least 1 day to recuperate!

We are very thankful to all our friends and family who gave us all such great gifts.  But the greatest of all our gifts are the gifts of your friendship.  We cherish you all and are thankful each one of you have been brought into our lives.

Merry Christmas one more time.  Oh, and it's snowing at our house.  Not much but flurries that are noticeable!  That's as close to a white Christmas as I've ever seen!
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