November 7, 2010

What a week

Man, what an emotional week it has been.  There was good and there was bad.  And it all made me realize just how quickly life can change at ANY given moment.

First off, we would like to welcome baby Chloe into the family.  Hubby's cousin and his sweet wife gave birth to a HEALTHY 8 pound, 13 ounces.  She's a beautiful whopper of a baby with lots of hair who took her sweet time getting here.  We got to see her yesterday for a few minutes but can't wait for a lifetime of hugs and kisses.

We have some friends who are currently in Ethiopia awaiting their court date in just a few hours so they can adopt 2 sweet children.  They had their MEETCHA day the other day and I hear it was awesome!  They already have 4 children at home and felt God calling them to do more.  I am in awe of them.

We all know what happened this week with Nick Bell.  No, I did not personally know him but he was a member of the MSU family just like any other.  His story is so tragic and it really shows you how life can change so quickly.

Well, today we were dealt another blow.  After a wonderful and worshipful church service, my sis in law informed me that someone very close to our family and hers, had a stroke and things did not look good.  We agonized and prayed all day hoping to hear some good news.  I just got the call that God called her home.  We all know she is in a better place but it's still super hard knowing that she won't be coming fishing at my parent's house anymore.  That we won't be hearing her stories or her laughter.  She was an amazing woman who loved her family and friends more than anyone I know.

So just when I get upset over the small things not working out the way I want them to, God shows me that it's always HIS time, not ours.  Our problems are so small, so minute.  But everything can change in an instant.

Now, all I can think about are the things I worried about this week.  And they are so small that it really doesn't matter.  And they aren't in my control anyway.  I just have to pray that HIS will be done in my life and all those around me.

So if you don't mind, prayer warriors, please say some prayers for us this week.  It's going to be hard saying good bye to someone so special but I have to take comfort knowing she is fishing upstairs with her Momma and Daddy.

Catch the big one for us D, and put it in your jacket pocket!  We'll miss you!
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