November 8, 2010


Day 8 - A place you've traveled to

Recently, Hubby and I went to Washington DC and surrounding areas in VA and MD for a friend's beautiful wedding.  I have been to DC before about 10 years ago but the hubby never had.  He was not impressed.  HA!  Not his cup of tea.  He likes to have his own transportation and not have to rely on someone else or public transportation.

We were only there for really 3 days and with all the wedding festivities, we did get to see much.  That was ok with both of us.  When we finally got into DC Friday, we met up with some friends and went to the National Archives so our friend Ron could see the REAL Constitution.  Not a fake one, the real one.  He made that point several times.

Outside the National Archives with said friends after seeing the real Constitution
Saturday was a completely different day.  The wedding was not until 5 so we had most of the day free.  Hubby decided to stay in the hotel and hang out around there.  He met some soccer player that was trying to get a transfer to DC United.  That was hit highlight of the trip.

So I braved the masses (or should I say FREAKS) that were in town for the political Stewart/Colbert rally.  Luckily, the museums were just about empty.  We wanted to tour the Newseum and that's just what we did.  Although very close to the rally area, once inside all we had to fight were a few school groups.

There were some amazing exhibits at this place.  One was a Katrina exhibit.  I had been told that you have to prepare yourself for this exhibit.  I had NO idea the impact it would have on me.  Being that MS is my home state and always will be.  Just seeing the newspaper articles from the day of Katrina and the next 5 days made me start boohooing.  They also had a video showing with all the media coverage.  It was nice to hear them talking about how Katrina was a catastrophic event and what happened in New Orleans was a man-made event.  I know what happened in New Orleans was horrible, absolutely horrible.  But a natural disaster happened in MS and we dealt with it.  We didn't wait for the government to come to our aid.  We are strong people in my home state and I am proud to say that.  Plus, we have a pretty good governor, I think!

Ok, off the subject of that.  The other great exhibit was the one on 9/11.  Pretty powerful stuff too.  The school group that was watching the video with us were so young.  It's hard to believe that they don't know  much about what happened in 2001 because they weren't that old.

Here are a few pics from that museum.
Has a nice view
Replica of Tim Russert's office
ABC This Week is filmed there
We, or should I say I, had a great time in DC and surrounding areas.  The wedding was across the street from the White House, which was kind of cool.

After a fun-filled weekend hanging out withe these peeps, it was hard to come home.  But I missed the kiddo. 

There have been other places I have traveled to but this was the most recent trip so I chose it!

Thank you Rebekah and Andy and Ryan and Betsy and all the crew for letting us hang out and celebrate!
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