November 5, 2010


Day 5 - Your siblings

I only have one sibling, a brother.

Sis in law, nephew, and bro
We are 4 school years apart and only 3 age years apart.  He's a late summer baby and I was an early fall baby.

He's a pretty cool dude.  We fought like cats and dogs when he was in high school and I was in Jr. High.   As soon as he left for college, it was like we were best buds.  Well, he was dating a best bud of mine so I think that helped.

He was in Vet school at MSU when I was an undergrad there.  Thankfully, he was always around to bring me a key to my car when I locked mine in the car.

He was even nice enough to sleep in my closet during one of his externships.  That being said, I had a BIG closet/bathroom in my apartment so it was like a small room with a sink. Then he would get in my bed and sleep once I got up and went to class.  Good times.

He is a man of God, wonderful husband and father and son and brother.  He is a great example to all around him, myself included. We share the same love for college sports and all things MSU.

Thanks for being you bro!  I love you even when you frustrate me, which isn't often now that we are old and mature. haha!

I also have some in law siblings as well.  Holly, Marion Margaret, Josh, Lindsey, Jonathan, Tabatha and Daniel.  I am grateful to have such great siblings in law!
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