November 27, 2010


Day 27 - Pets

I took this picture a while back and told my hubby I was planning a post on our pups.  A few weeks later, he asked me where my post was.  I told him it was in the works but not complete yet.  And now, it is.

Meet Missy and Sage. Both pounds puppies.

Missy and Sage
Sweet Missy
Crazy Sage
We got Missy for hubby's 21st birthday.  He picked her out.  Man, she had not been in a good situation before us. She was so skiddish and afraid of people.  She is so loyal to us.  Just ask Daniel.  She doesn't like it when you wrestle or hit hubby or myself.  She will attempt to bite you.  No, she is not harmful in any way.  She just takes care of us. She's LOUD and if you could not see her when she barks, you would think she was a HUGE Lab or something.  She's getting old and I'm afraid her epilepsy will get the best of her sooner, rather than later.  Good thing my brother is a vet.  Oh, and kiddo LOVES watching Missy give me 'high fives'. She's a pro at it!

We got Sage Spring Break before I graduated from MSU and we got married.  We've had her almost 9 years.  She's come a long way too.  When we first got her, all she did was whine and pee on the floor.  Oh my.  I thought her whining was bad.  Guess she was preparing me for motherhood.  The older she gets the better her bladder issues are.  Although, I'm constantly trying to get my bro to put her on doggie Prozac!  Yet, he still won't try it.

Neither of our pups are really 'people' friendly.  If they don't know you, they bark at you.  And if they do know you, they bark at you.  They would never hurt anyone but they never adjusted well to anyone other than us.  So if you come to our house, it is well protected.  And PLEASE, don't ring the doorbell.  Makes them go BONKERS!  Once we safely get them outside, then we'll invite you in.
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