November 1, 2010

Now is as good a time as any!

My friend, Lisa, found another pretty good 30 day challenge.  I guess now is as good a time as any to start it.

Disclaimer: I have many other things on my schedule so there are a few days I will possibly miss.  Ok, I will miss.  I like to say that up front so people won't get mad when I post (Holly).  Kidding.  I enjoy blogging, more than I ever thought I would, but every day is hard.  Good thing I can schedule them!

Day 1- Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

You know me.  I am a Mama, Sister, Daughter, Christian, Friend and Lover of all things MSU!

Recent Picture:

This was taken of me and the kiddo about 2 Sundays ago before church.  You think she looks like me?  I do. Some say yes, some say no.

15 Interesting Facts: (This is hard)

1)  I've always wanted to work at a Children's Hospital doing PR and Marketing work.  Namely, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis.  Had the chance 4 years ago to work at a great children's hospital basically doing my dream job.  Money was not great and I would have a LONG commute.  I had just found out I was pregnant and the pros did not outweigh the cons.  I sure wish they had.  But I love my current job so it all works out.

2)  I'm not a fan of pink.  And yes, I am a girl.  And yes, I have a girl.  Still not a fan.

3) I've always worked in some kind of healthcare industry (mostly) since I've been old enough TO work.  I had a professor in college who called me Nurse Ratchet since I was always in my scrubs.  I should have been a nurse. 

4)  I hate science.  That's why I never went to nursing school.  Ok, I don't hate it, it's just me LEAST favorite subject.

5)  I could never go back to school now that I've been out 8 years.  Have no desire to either.

6)  Hubby and I have the same middle name, just spelled differently.  Also, my mom's name. And my Grandmother's name.  Pretty cool.

7)  Hubby and I were born about 12 hours apart. Fate you ask? Nah. We weren't even at the same hospital.  It used to be cool but now all I do is listen to him about how we only celebrate my birthday and not his. And?

8)  My dad told me one time that I needed to find someone more my age.  I think that was right about the time hubby was planning to propose.  He was kidding of course.

9)  I'm a little OCD.   Not over the top, but definitely OCD.  Ask the hubby.  He will concur.

10)  I can't read a book without looking for typos or grammatical errors.  Comes with the Marketing territory.  Not fun most of the time.  It's my nature. But I'm too busy most of the time, to go back and read my draft before I post it so please don't point out my grammatical flaws, Lisa.

11)  Kiddo did not have a name until 2 weeks before she was born.  We couldn't agree.  Finally, the hubby told me we were not going to the hospital without a name.  So we picked.  And agreed.  And we love it.

12)  I'm apparently not that interesting if I can't think of 15 things.

13)  There was once a cat named Casper.  He was the neighbor's mean cat.  One time he pooped on me.  Yeah, I'm no litter box.  My older brother and his best friend (neighbor, his cat) sang some song to me about Casper the Friendly Cat and how he likes to poop on me.

14)  I had a great childhood.  I loved our backyard hill, especially when it snowed.  And our rope swing!

15)  I tried ballet, tap, jazz, tumbling, and gymnastics before my parents finally let me play soccer.  That's what stuck. From the time I was 7 to 20, I played soccer.  Kinda got burned out.  Miss it some days.  Kiddo starting in Spring, but don't tell her.  She's getting soccer stuff for her birthday in January.

Man, that was  A LOT!  I hope you enjoyed. Come back for more!
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