November 16, 2010

Dream House

Day 16 - Dream house

There are so many aspects that I would like to see in a house.  But my hubby and I decided years ago that we would never survive building a house together.

So, we've decided to build a home.  Not just a place with bricks and sheetrock.  That's a house.  We are busy building a home.  A home with love.

And yes, the floors are not always clean.  Ok, they are rarely clean.  But, we have a great time at our home. 

And yes, sometimes it feels small.  But in 2034, it will be paid for.  Maybe earlier?  Who cares.  We aren't going anywhere.

No, it's not snowing at my house. This was the only pic I could find and it's from last February!

BUT, if we do, I have a few papers tucked under my TV with some of my favorite house plans in it!
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