November 30, 2010


Day 30 - A picture

Well, the 30 days is up, thank goodness.  These are fun but a lot of work!  

30 days COMPLETE!
So today I leave you with a recent picture!  

Happy Holidays from us!

November 29, 2010

Three Wishes

Day 29 - 3 Wishes

In no particular order!!

1)  I wish for money.  Not a huge sum, just enough to pay everything off.

2)  I wish for good health for myself and my family.

3)  I wish there were more marriages with Christ at the center.

November 28, 2010


Day 28 - Something that stresses you out

There are soooo many things that stress me out.  There is one huge stresser that I would LOVE to see disappear.

I would like for someone (anyone out there??) to take this puppy off our hands completely.  I mean, technically it's not in my name, but...

Really, it was a great place for us to live when we got married and for hubby before then.  We had great memories in this trailer. 

Now, it's a thorn in my side.  Always something with it.  Any takers?  We have someone currently leasing to own it but it's becoming more trouble than it's worth. 

Just ready for it to be over and done with.  Man, I hated paying apartment rent in college, but I am SURE glad we don't have 2 places on our hands we are trying to sell.

November 27, 2010


Day 27 - Pets

I took this picture a while back and told my hubby I was planning a post on our pups.  A few weeks later, he asked me where my post was.  I told him it was in the works but not complete yet.  And now, it is.

Meet Missy and Sage. Both pounds puppies.

Missy and Sage
Sweet Missy
Crazy Sage
We got Missy for hubby's 21st birthday.  He picked her out.  Man, she had not been in a good situation before us. She was so skiddish and afraid of people.  She is so loyal to us.  Just ask Daniel.  She doesn't like it when you wrestle or hit hubby or myself.  She will attempt to bite you.  No, she is not harmful in any way.  She just takes care of us. She's LOUD and if you could not see her when she barks, you would think she was a HUGE Lab or something.  She's getting old and I'm afraid her epilepsy will get the best of her sooner, rather than later.  Good thing my brother is a vet.  Oh, and kiddo LOVES watching Missy give me 'high fives'. She's a pro at it!

We got Sage Spring Break before I graduated from MSU and we got married.  We've had her almost 9 years.  She's come a long way too.  When we first got her, all she did was whine and pee on the floor.  Oh my.  I thought her whining was bad.  Guess she was preparing me for motherhood.  The older she gets the better her bladder issues are.  Although, I'm constantly trying to get my bro to put her on doggie Prozac!  Yet, he still won't try it.

Neither of our pups are really 'people' friendly.  If they don't know you, they bark at you.  And if they do know you, they bark at you.  They would never hurt anyone but they never adjusted well to anyone other than us.  So if you come to our house, it is well protected.  And PLEASE, don't ring the doorbell.  Makes them go BONKERS!  Once we safely get them outside, then we'll invite you in.

November 26, 2010


Day 26 - Picture of your family

I was hoping to get a good family picture for our Christmas card but circumstances haven't allowed for that yet this year.  I will leave you with a regular family pic from last year's Christmas photo session.  And then a few of the kiddo from this past weekend's session.



Happy Black Friday.  Mom and I are shopping all day.  I will be done with my Christmas shopping TODAY!

November 25, 2010

Music Shuffle and Happy Turkey Day

Day 25 - Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs

1)  White Christmas by Aaron Neville.  I'm almost ashamed to admit that.

2)  The Look of Love by ABC.  I'm an 80's girl.

3)  Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC.

4)  O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Casting Crowns. Best Christmas CD EVER!

5)  Who Built The Ark?  Veggie Tales.  Good stuff.

6)  Flora's Secret by Enya.  Yes, I am random.

7)  All Over You by Live.  Saw them Live. Great concert.

8)  Here With Me by Mercy Me. My first Mercy Me purchase years ago.  Or it was a present? I'm old and my brain fails to work sometimes.

9)  Til There Was You by the Beatles.  And no, I didn't recently download it. I uploaded the entire collection.  I have friends who love them and share with me.

10) Circle of Friends by Point of Grace.  Reminds me of Rush at the DDD house.  Good stuff.

Man, that sure is random.  I didn't use my iPod because it was in the car. I just used iTunes.  Maybe it would have been a little LESS random if I had used my Shuffle. 

That was fun though.

Oh, and 

From my Kiddo's favorite show.  Charlie Brown!  We've already watched this one numerous times this year.

I am so thankful for many things this year.  My health, my family, my family's health, my friends, my God, my life.  I hope everyone is thankful for something this year!

November 24, 2010

Something I've Learned

Day 24 - Something you've learned

Remember this post about my goals?  Well, I've learned over the past 2 months that it's HARD to train for running anything with a hubby that does shift work and a LIVELY almost 4 year old.  Daylight savings has NOT been my friend this year.  I was faithfully going running every other afternoon while the kiddo was still at school or when carpool was picking up and the hubby was at home.  Then came the time change.  Tough. Now it's DARK when I leave work.  Or almost dark.  I have to turn the headlights on kinda dusk time dark.

Once I get home, there is no time for running the treadmill either.  Once supper is over and it's bath time, book time, brush time (teeth), potty time, music time, bed time, I'm WORN slap out.  And then it's 9:00 or later and I still have dishes to put up, laundry to do, paper to read, emails to check, etc.  Ok, I have DVR stuff to watch!  I know, I know.  All of this can wait.  DO YOU KNOW ME???  I'm slightly OCD.  Which is getting better with age.  My floor has not been swept in about 3 weeks.  RECORD FOR ME!  See, better.

I digress.

Yeah, it's poor me.  And no, I can't get up early enough to run outside in the daylight and still get a shower and get carpool to school on time and me to work on time.  And running on the treadmill is no fun.  It's too easy to stop.  When I run outside, I know I have to keep going to finish and get home, etc. on time.  And I feel guilty running in the neighborhood while my kiddo naps on the weekends.  If she naps at all.  And no, I don't own a running stroller.  And that would NOT be easy running in my hilly neighborhood with 40 EXTRA pounds in addition to all the extra pounds I'm packing.

All of the above to say, finding time to run is hard.  I love to run, which is hard for me to admit.  I love beating my time.  I just wish I had more time to try and beat!  I will not sacrifice precious time with my kiddo in the evenings when I only see her for a few hours a day.  I will run during lunch whenever I can.  Right now, I'm still doing Physical Therapy 3 times a week.  With the holidays, it's now or never.  I really have to get stricter with my time management.  Anybody want to help with that?  Maybe do my grocery shopping?

Sorry for the pitifulness (is that really a word?) today.  But the challenge was something I've learned.  And I've learned it's HARD to train for a 5K when you don't have time.  Period.

November 23, 2010


Day 23 - Favorite vacation

Vacation, what's that?  Oh right.  That thing where you go for a week and don't have to go to work?  Not sure I've been there often.

I have been to some pretty cool places growing up and playing soccer.  My family was always on the road.  My brother played baseball so one parent went with him and one parent went with me for soccer.  We've been to Houston and been to a pretty cool waterpark.  We've spent a week in Greensboro, NC.  We've spent many a Thanksgiving in Dallas.  We've spent MANY a weekend in Germantown and Memphis.  We've spent many a weekend in Lafayette, Shreveport, and Baton Rouge.  There's a wonderful place to eat and dance in Louisiana (Beaux Bridge to be exact) called Mulate's.  I don't even remember the food, I just remember the dancing!  SOOOOO much fun there!  Click on this link to read the story of Mulate's!

Hubby and I have not been on many vacations since we've been married.  We took a wonderful 5 day cruise for our honeymoon.  That was our first cruise and we loved it.  We've yet to go back but talk about it often.

Since we've been married (8.5 years) we have been to the beach twice.  Both times with the same family.  I was never really a beach person, until I went and just sat and read a book.  So relaxing.

The first time was sans kids and FREE.  Heavenly.  Just too short.

Perdido Key, FL 2008
Hurricane, or Tropical Storm Fay came while we were there.  She didn't mess with us AT ALL.

My first trip to FloraBama.

Hung out with these cool Peeps!

Then, in 2009, we made a voyage trip to Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  With 6 kiddos and 4 adults in tow.  Ok, we met 5 of those kiddos and 2 of those adults there but it's all the same.

Ok, I think that's enough pictures.  I think it's safe to say that the beach was by far our favorite family vacation.  We had a great time and can't wait to go back again.

November 22, 2010

Favorite City

Day 22 - Favorite city

I've been to quite a few places that were really enjoyable.  I love the city I live in.
There are a few favorites that do stick out.

Fort Walton/Destin
I was never a beach person.  Until I went.  Now I'm hooked. Didn't go this past summer and still having withdrawals.  There will be a vacation this summer.

Probably my all-time favorite city is STARKVILLE, MS.  Not only is it where I lived for almost 6 years, but it's the home of Mississippi State.  And it helps that my best friend and her family live there as well.

Mississippi State University

Here's a link to a great video about Starkville.  I had never seen before writing this post.

While I loved every minute of living in this great city, I don't regret moving closer to both sets of grandparents.  Plus, it's a fun place to visit and we do visit often.  Never often enough.

Thanks Lisa and family for always letting me crash at your house!

November 21, 2010


Day 21 - Picture of yourself

This one has been drug into the ground.  There are tons of pics that are more exciting than ones of me.  But in keeping with the theme, I'll indulge, again.

Have a nice day.  That is all.  See my other birthday post today.  It's way more interesting.

Happy Birthday Holly!

Today is the Sis in law's birthday.  I won't give away her age, but she's older than me!  hehe!

She's an awesome, cool mom who just goes with the flow.  She's a brave soul who is usually behind a camera taking amazing pictures.  She's so patient that I'm envious.

She's my parade going, event hopping, tomato cup loving, Bulldog cheerin', horse showing, encouraging, event planning, family lovin', dirt pile referee, uber creative, Bible verse teachin', blog readin', t-shirt wearin' sister in law.  But most of all, she's my friend.  And a rather good one she is.  You can always count on her.  Always.

She loves her family and the Lord.  2 pretty awesome traits, if you ask me!

And, she's got some GREAT stories.  I miss our daily walks to catch up!!!

Thanks for joining our family so many years ago.  We all wish you the Happiest of Birthdays!!   And many many more!

November 20, 2010


Day 20 - Nicknames

Boy, this is fun.  HA!

Mouth of the South
Motor Mouth
Leaping Leaner (Thanks Doc Jones)
Nire Repol (Thanks Mr. Bob)

But my favorite one?

Never gets old.

November 19, 2010

Something You Miss

Day 19 - Something you miss

Life with no responsibilities.  High school.. COLLEGE!

Just being able to get in the car and ride, in silence.

Not having someone always depending on you.

Spending hours in the grocery store visiting and carefully planning your menu.

Sleeping past 8:00 am.

I guess in a nutshell, I miss my independence.  I would not trade being a mother for anything in this world, but the question was something I miss.

November 18, 2010


Day 18 - Something you regret

Ah, regrets.  Everyone has them.  If you don't, you aren't human.

I have many regrets.  But, there is nothing I can do about them now.

There is one thing that keeps sticking in my mind that I have yet to forgive myself for.

I made a statement not long ago.  6 words.  And it came back to haunt me.  I won't elaborate much because there are only a couple of people that even know of the statement.  It was such an innocent comment at the time.  Now, it consumes me.

It was not a comment directed at anyone, only myself.  That's the hardest part.

There is nothing I can do to 'take back' what I said.  I would give anything to try though.  The people that know about it, have all told me that I can't dwell on it.  Easier said than done.  Much easier.

I'm praying about it.  I've been praying about it.  I will continue to pray about it.  And I'm lucky to have friends that will ride on the journey with me.

NO REGRETS!  Leave it all out there.

Like I said, easier said than done.  How do you forgive yourself?

November 17, 2010


Day 17 - Something you're looking forward to

There are tons of things to look forward to.

I'm looking forward to the holidays.  I love Thanksgiving because I feel that it always gets the 'shaft' thanks for Halloween and Christmas.  Always good to be thankful!  And humble!

Christmas is always fun too.  I'm blessed to be able to spend it with a lot of my family.  We usually have about 4 Christmas celebrations.  It's a nice time to reflect on the real reason for the season too.  That always seems to get lost.

One other big thing I am looking forward to is this girl's wedding!

It's going to be so much fun this Spring!!!  Look out world!

November 16, 2010

Dream House

Day 16 - Dream house

There are so many aspects that I would like to see in a house.  But my hubby and I decided years ago that we would never survive building a house together.

So, we've decided to build a home.  Not just a place with bricks and sheetrock.  That's a house.  We are busy building a home.  A home with love.

And yes, the floors are not always clean.  Ok, they are rarely clean.  But, we have a great time at our home. 

And yes, sometimes it feels small.  But in 2034, it will be paid for.  Maybe earlier?  Who cares.  We aren't going anywhere.

No, it's not snowing at my house. This was the only pic I could find and it's from last February!

BUT, if we do, I have a few papers tucked under my TV with some of my favorite house plans in it!

November 15, 2010

Shutterfly’s Holiday Card Promotion

The other day, I was talking with my cousin who I don't see often enough.  She said that she couldn't wait to get everyone's Christmas cards because she's not on Facebook or Twitter or anything like that.

I LOVE Christmas cards.  I love getting them.  I love sending them.  I love seeing all the different ones.  Before I had my kiddo, I always sent the boring old regular cards.  Where's the fun in that?

Then, I found Shutterfly.  All I had to do was upload some pictures and pick which card I wanted.  DONE.  It was so easy.  I was hooked.

I made the mistake of buying some birth announcements that come with 'some assembly required.'  Who does that?  Oh right, me.  Took me more time to tape the pictures on and tie the ribbon that it did for the mail to deliver them.

Needless to say, Shutterfly has saved me some time!  I like to have my Christmas cards done early so we plan to have family pictures taken in like October.  A certain new cousin named Chloe decided she would help me learn that everything doesn't have to be done on such a long time frame.  Our pictures were scheduled on the day she was born and new Grandmother is our photographer.  Needless to say, she's a week old and we've not rescheduled yet.  That's ok.  I'm not in a rush.  Not yet anyway.  Chloe is way more important.

Another great thing at Shutterfly is the calendars and gifts.  Last Christmas, I made a photo book for the Grandparents.  They looked so good!  I was very pleased!  And my sis in law does a super cute calendar every year for all of us.

For a sneak peek of what I am thinking about doing for this year's card, go here or here.

Want to get 50 FREE cards?  I DO!  I usually order 100 so this will cut my cost in half! Thanks Shutterfly!
Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly:


So tonight, kiddo and I are watching a little Dancing with the Stars while the hubby is at work.  It's one on this post that I talk about.  I don't DVR it but I like to watch it.  The closer it gets to the end, the more fun it is to watch.  Only 4 remain so it's gotten pretty good.

All the kiddo ever wants to do is DANCE.  She is a dancing machine.  If I'm only half as good as she is, I'm doing pretty good. 

And you know, they always say dance like no one is watching.  The same principle applies when dancing with a 3 year old.  She doesn't care if I'm good or bad.  She just likes it when we both dance.  And I am glad my neighbors can't see in my windows.  REAL GLAD.

After super HOT Max and Brandy got done dancing, kiddo wanted another song so we could keep dancing.

What's a good mother to do even though it's like 10 minutes before bedtime?

Why, I find another station on the TV with some music.

And what else do I find but THRILLER!!!

Yes, I introduced my child to a little MJ!

*Here's another very little known fact about me.*
Last year, some of my co-workers and I (ok, THEY) decided to surprise the rest of the staff with a little Halloween humor.  We all (about 6 of us) learned the Thriller dance.  We practiced about 3 or 4 times a week for 2 weeks.  We didn't do the ENTIRE thing.  Just the first like 3 minutes.  LONG 3 minutes.  It was fun to surprise everyone. 

Yes, there is a video.  No, no one will ever see it.  If you have, you are special.

I digress.

After a good 10 minute cardio workout of me 'teaching' her some of the moves and then just freestylin' it, the song ended.

This is what I heard from my sweet, innocent 3 year old.

"Mama, I want that girl to come back on and sing."

Bless her heart.  That's all I can say about that.


Day 15 - Bible verse

Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Proverbs 17:17
A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Psalm 9:10
Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who see you.

Psalm 25:3
No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame but they will be put to shame who are treacherous without excuse.

Ephesians 2:8-10
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast.  For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

2 Timothy 4:7
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Then there is James 1:19.
My dear brothers, take note of this:  Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.

Remember my post on this one?  Good stuff.

November 14, 2010


Day 14 - A picture you love

Ya'll know I can't put just ONE picture...

This is one of my all-time favorite photos of the hubby and I.  
8 years ago on our wedding day.

Here is one of kiddo and hubby that I ADORE.  She was only a few weeks old and already loving her musical Daddy.

Man, how she has changed in the past 4 years.

November 13, 2010


Day 13 - Goals

There needs to be more description of these.

Definition of GOAL

a : the terminal point of a race 

b : the end toward which effort is directed 

Everyone has goals in their lives.  I call them dreams too.  But here are a few goals I am striving for these days.

1:  To successfully run and complete a 5K.  Yes, run.  Without stopping. I can make it about 4 miles right now but I hurt my knee so training has been postponed until my PT will let me start back.

I was actually researching races in my area the other day.  Since the holidays are coming up, there aren't many opportunities for them around here.  So I am looking at one in January, but it's a 10K.  Not sure if I will be ready for that.  That course is TOUGH too.  

2:  Once the 5K is completed, I would love to successfully run and complete a 10K.  And no, I'm not in it preparing for a marathon.  That would be great one day, but I don't have the time right now to commit to that much.

I never thought I would be a runner.  Yes, I ran cross country in high school but it was just so I would stay in shape for soccer.  I've never run for 'fun.'  I started running about a month ago and the 2nd time I went, I beat my time.  I was hooked then.  Even that 2nd time I was running, the whole time I was thinking, "Running is soooo boring.  How do people run for 26 miles?"

But as soon as I finished and noted my time, I was hooked.  Now, my watch is my biggest challenge.  I have to try and NOT look at it when I'm running!  I finally broke the 40 minute mark for my 4 miles last week, before the PT put me on hold!

I'm hoping a goal of losing about 50 pounds is incorporated in these new running goals...

November 12, 2010


Anybody want to tell me who came and kidnapped my kiddo and brought me a whiny one?

I went out of town for 26 hours.  26 hours people.  And left the kiddo with her Daddy.  He offered and it was easier than taking her around for a funeral.

When I get home, she's super grumpy and mega-whiny!  Bet you didn't even know that word existed?

I really thought we were over the terrible two's that we entered at age 1!

This morning was rough.  She cried from the minute she woke up until the minute I dropped her off.  Nothing would make her happy.  Until she got to eat her entire pop tart while holding her bag of money for the playground at school.  Rough.  And I was almost 30 minutes late for work because of it.

And she peed in the bed 2 nights in a row and she hasn't done that in a LONG time.  Oh, and peed on the floor of the bathroom, right in front of the toilet because she 'didn't make it.'

Oh well.  Such is life.  The joys of parenthood.  I am just ready for my kiddo to come back.


Day 12 - What you believe

I think it's pretty obvious what I believe from previous posts and if you know me.

I do believe in angels. Remember that song by Alabama?

Good stuff.

I do believe that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  He died on the cross to save us, our children, and many more before and after us.  Pretty powerful stuff.

We asked this question of our youth group Sunday morning,
"Who would you be willing to die for?"

Thoughts to ponder on.  And believe in!  I believe all things are possible!  Through Christ.

November 11, 2010

A New Focus, A New Goal

In a world where college football reigns supreme, things have changed for my Mississippi State Bulldogs over the past 2 weeks.

They now have a new vision, a new focus.  Go Dawgs!  I wish I could hug you all!  The end of this video is the best part.  Tissue warning!


Yesterday at the Funeral service for a wonderful lady we sang one of my favorite hymns.

Victory in Jesus

My favorite verse is the last one:

I heard about a mansion
He has built for me in glory.
And I heard about the streets of gold
Beyond the crystal sea;
About the angels singing,
And the old redemption story,
And some sweet day I'll sing up there
The song of victory. 

O victory in Jesus,
My Savior, forever.
He sought me and bought me
With His redeeming blood;
He loved me ere I knew Him
And all my love is due Him,
He plunged me to victory,
Beneath the cleansing flood. 

God is good.  In life and death.  Enough said. 

TV Shows

Day 11 - Favorite tv shows

Wow, my hubby will concur with this.

I watch WAY too many shows.

Here's my weekly schedule.  And no, I don't watch them all live.  I have a DVR that I LOVE!


My DVR records The Ellen Show everyday.  I try to watch some of it while I put my makeup on in the mornings.  Hubby doesn't understand what I find so funny.

Sunday starts it off with a little Undercover Boss and Brothers and Sisters.  Between these 2, I cry just about every Sunday night.  I think every boss in corporate America should go through the Undercover Boss process.  Brings out the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And then can be fixed or improved upon!  And Brothers and Sisters is one of the best shows I have ever seen.  It's so real and you can easily relate to the characters.  Although, I didn't like that they skipped like a year from last season's finale to this season's opening.  I was a little confused!

Every Monday, I like to watch Dancing with the Stars, if it's in season and it's a good season.  I don't much care for this season but I'm pulling for Kurt Woerner because I like him and his message. 

Tuesday nights are Biggest Loser nights.  Even the kiddo likes to watch this one.  This season is extra special because a guy from my home state is doing very well and we hear he makes it very far!!

Wednesday nights used to really be nothing, but this season they changed Survivor to Wednesday and I could not be more excited.  My Thursdays were pretty booked.

Which brings me to Thursdays.  I love them.  Grey's Anatomy is one of the best shows I have ever watched.  Yes, there are some parts of it I don't agree with but the storyline always keeps you guessing.  I love to watch it live but most of the time that doesn't happen, so I watch it and FF through all the commercials.

And out of Grey's came Private Practice.  Great storyline and characters on that one as well.  I don't like that they all end up dating another cast person at some point during every season, but the storyline is worth it.

Then the weekends are all for catching up on the DVR.  Ok, there are some football games on there as well.  Some I can't bear myself to watch but won't delete just yet.

When it's not sweeps time and everything is reruns, I like to watch The Duggars on TLC.  And maybe a little Hoarding or Hoarders, there are many different versions of the same show.  They scare me and fascinate me all at the same time.  Yes, Duggars and hoarders.

Oh, and let's not forget the shows not on right now.  Like American Idol! Although I will say that I liked it much better with just Paula, Randy and Simon.  We'll see how the next season goes!  Yes, I say I don't watch the Bachelor or the Bachlorette but I lie.  I watch so I can read what Lincee has to say about it!

And yes, there is some occasional trash TV, also known as MTV.  I like 16 and Pregnant even though it's a train wreck, I can't look away.  And the Real World.  Girl from MS on last season.  WOW is all I have to say.  MSU girl too...  And, the Real World/Road Rules Challenges that are always on are nice to watch when nothing else is on.

While I love my TV shows, the TV at my house is usually on PBS or Sprout.  Yes, I know the words to the theme songs of Thomas the Train and Caillou.  But we are getting over Dora, thank goodness!

Man, now that it's in print, that's um, a lot.  I gotta run.  Got too many shows on the DVR to go watch!

November 10, 2010


Day 10 - Something you're afraid of

I am scared of this post.  It was the one I noticed right off the bat that caught my eye.  

I'm afraid of the usual.  Spiders, SNAKES, and sometimes ants (I'm allergic).

I'm deathly afraid of something happening to my child, my husband, my parents, my family, my friends.

There is one thing I've been afraid of for a long time.  This is hard to write.

I have always been somewhat afraid to share the plan of salvation with someone.  It used to be so easy when I was younger and helping out with backyard Bible studies.  We just went through the colors of the bracelet.  As I got older, it got more difficult.

I like to believe that I live my life as a pretty good Christian.  Yes, I am not perfect, but no one is.  There are other ways to witness to people than just sharing the plan of Salvation.  I show them in love and good deeds and kindness.  

I never really thought about this change in my until some time over the last year.  When you lose someone in your life and you aren't sure about their salvation, it's hard.  I have dealt with this guilt for a long time.  The not knowing of what I could have done more for this person. 

Then, in the sweet innocence of a 3 year old in my backseat Sunday morning on the way to church, we talked about how we get Jesus into our heart.  She's smart enough to grasp the concept.  While I don't think she's ready to walk down the isle at church or anything, her sweet little mind is rolling.  I'm glad to be a part of it.  Pretty awesome to see how God works.  Especially through the eyes of a child.  And later during Sunday School, it was good to share things with some pretty cool teenagers.

Who knows, maybe it's time to overcome this fear.  There's always a snake or spider out there to be afraid of!

November 9, 2010


Day 9 - A picture of your friends

I am very blessed when it comes to friends. Some of them just live too far away.

I know I just posted about my trip to DC, but here are a few more good pics.
Cassie, Paige and I
Cassie, Liz, Paige and I
Carmen, Cassie, Dupont, me, Boo, Paigey, and Lizzie
There are some other pretty special friends in my life.
Bobby and Lisa
And their kiddos are are friends.  My kiddo saw them on the computer last night and named them all.
Kiddos plus Katie
Sam, Presley, Syd, Katie, my kiddo, and BGA
KK and Frances

Jenny, Jessie, and KK
I hope no one gets offended if I left them out.  I just couldn't find pictures of everyone.  Besides, the title for today says A picture of your friends.  That can't happen because I don't have one of everybody!

So, in the words of the Golden Girls.
Thank you for being a friend.
I love each and every one of you.

November 8, 2010


Day 8 - A place you've traveled to

Recently, Hubby and I went to Washington DC and surrounding areas in VA and MD for a friend's beautiful wedding.  I have been to DC before about 10 years ago but the hubby never had.  He was not impressed.  HA!  Not his cup of tea.  He likes to have his own transportation and not have to rely on someone else or public transportation.

We were only there for really 3 days and with all the wedding festivities, we did get to see much.  That was ok with both of us.  When we finally got into DC Friday, we met up with some friends and went to the National Archives so our friend Ron could see the REAL Constitution.  Not a fake one, the real one.  He made that point several times.

Outside the National Archives with said friends after seeing the real Constitution
Saturday was a completely different day.  The wedding was not until 5 so we had most of the day free.  Hubby decided to stay in the hotel and hang out around there.  He met some soccer player that was trying to get a transfer to DC United.  That was hit highlight of the trip.

So I braved the masses (or should I say FREAKS) that were in town for the political Stewart/Colbert rally.  Luckily, the museums were just about empty.  We wanted to tour the Newseum and that's just what we did.  Although very close to the rally area, once inside all we had to fight were a few school groups.

There were some amazing exhibits at this place.  One was a Katrina exhibit.  I had been told that you have to prepare yourself for this exhibit.  I had NO idea the impact it would have on me.  Being that MS is my home state and always will be.  Just seeing the newspaper articles from the day of Katrina and the next 5 days made me start boohooing.  They also had a video showing with all the media coverage.  It was nice to hear them talking about how Katrina was a catastrophic event and what happened in New Orleans was a man-made event.  I know what happened in New Orleans was horrible, absolutely horrible.  But a natural disaster happened in MS and we dealt with it.  We didn't wait for the government to come to our aid.  We are strong people in my home state and I am proud to say that.  Plus, we have a pretty good governor, I think!

Ok, off the subject of that.  The other great exhibit was the one on 9/11.  Pretty powerful stuff too.  The school group that was watching the video with us were so young.  It's hard to believe that they don't know  much about what happened in 2001 because they weren't that old.

Here are a few pics from that museum.
Has a nice view
Replica of Tim Russert's office
ABC This Week is filmed there
We, or should I say I, had a great time in DC and surrounding areas.  The wedding was across the street from the White House, which was kind of cool.

After a fun-filled weekend hanging out withe these peeps, it was hard to come home.  But I missed the kiddo. 

There have been other places I have traveled to but this was the most recent trip so I chose it!

Thank you Rebekah and Andy and Ryan and Betsy and all the crew for letting us hang out and celebrate!