October 24, 2010


We finally got some rain in our parts the other day.  It's been a while.  During the night, it stormed.  Lots of thunder and lightening mixed in with a little rain.  It was pretty loud.  Loud enough to wake me up.  I didn't hear the kiddo on the monitor (yes, I still use one, don't judge, our house is a split plan and my child rarely gets out of bed).  I assumed she was sound asleep and the BOOMING didn't wake her.  She sleeps as hard as her Daddy does.  Me, I'm a light sleeper, usually, depending on our tired I am.

I must have been pretty tired.  I fell back asleep shortly after the thunder subsided enough where I could sleep.  When I went to get the kiddo up for the day, I noticed she had on different PJ bottoms.  So, I asked her what happened.  She usually won't get out of the bed in the middle of the night to go potty unless I'm with her.  She screams for me until I come in there and go to the potty with her.  Yeah, it sucks, but it beats changing the sheets at 2 am so I get my tired booty up and go.

She proceeded to tell me that she got up to go potty in the middle of the night but didn't quite make it.  She made it to the bathroom but not quite to the toilet.  At least it wasn't in her bed.

I told her it was ok.

When we got in the car to head to school, I asked her about it again.  She was more awake at this point.  Yet another trait she gets from her Daddy.  I also asked her if she heard the thunder last night and if it woke her up.

Her response?

"Mama, the thunder made me go potty."

Mystery solved.  I guess it boomed at the exact time she walked into the bathroom, scary the teetee out of her.  Poor baby.  She survived, changed panties and PJ bottoms, and went back to sleep.  I was so tired that I apparently slept through the whole thing.  Guess the hubby helped her. 

I guess I need more sleep so I will remember (or hear) my kiddo.  Nah, I knew Daddy was home and still up so I let him handle it instead of me for a change.  Thanks honey.
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