October 15, 2010


You absolutely NEVER know what someone is going through at any given moment in their life.  Always think about what you say BEFORE you say it.

I know.  That's hard for me to do.  I'm a little, um, blunt?

I was recently told a horrible story by a friend.  Had no clue she was going through any of it.  I thought something was up and had been praying for her, knowing that was all I could do.  Once she confided in me, I realized that I had no clue she had been going through anything like that, much less for that long.

So friends, let's keep it real and always consider that you really never know what someone is going through at any given moment.  And, remember that things you say or do can be hurtful, even if not intended to be.

She could also use some prayers.  She's making some big changes in her life and needs some strength and peace.

If you are feeling generous, you can pray for me and my bluntness (is that really a word?) too.  I'm working on it.
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