October 22, 2010


Selfishness leads to an angry heart.

Remember the parable of the two sons in Luke?  One son asked for his portion of his Father's riches before the man was even dead?  Then, he ran off and wasted it all away.  When he realized he had made a mistake, he came back and his father was elated and threw a huge party to celebrate his return.  All the while, the older son was outside working and came home to see what was going one.  He was hurt because he had been there the entire time and his father had never thrown him a party or anything.

Selfishness leads to an angry heart.

Are you the younger brother or the older brother when it comes to how you act?  That's a tough one.

Read the book The Prodigal God.  We are using this as our latest small group study.  Pretty good stuff so far.

And remember,

Selfishness leads to an angry heart.
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