October 14, 2010


Just wanted everyone to know that there is a handy little device that started putting in vehicles many many years ago. It's not a new thing.

It's called a blinker.

Ever heard of it?

Didn't think so. Some of you have. I'm not talking to all of you.

It's located on the side of your steering wheel and it's purpose is to alert other drivers that you are turning. Everyone should have learned this in Driver's Ed. class.

I know you at least know that it exists because you are required, by law, to get an inspection sticker once a year. They make sure your blinkers work. And yes, there is one for a right turn and a left turn.

GASP! I know. It's pretty cool.

You should also know that you should use said blinker BEFORE you turn, not AS you turn.

Thank you to all those who properly use the turn signal. They put it in the car for a reason.
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