October 30, 2010

Happy Wedding Day

To one of my greatest friends ever!

We've come a long way Boo! I remember our freshman year like it was yesterday. Ok, sophomore year was WAY more fun though. I'm so glad you decided to come back and attend Mississippi State. I'm so glad we roomed together, at least for that half a year! I'm so glad we had Creative Writing class at 8 am together. I would not have survived it all without you. Oh, the many trips we took to the Deli and TCBY in the 'Stang. We had a great time together and still do!
Dancing with Liz's Pop at Liz's wedding

The famous cabin with the famous Mac and Cheese

3rd one from left

Happy Wedding Day Boo and Greeney! I'm so glad I get to be a part of it! Best wishes for many many years of wedded bliss. Or whatever. Ok, just be happy and come visit us, often! Any chance you can get Greeney to move back to MS????? I thought he'd see it our way....

October 28, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

When we say something doesn't bother us, are we keeping it real? 

Do we say it honestly doesn't bother us or do we just say it doesn't when it really does?

And, then we let it just sit and simmer so no one will know that it did in fact bother us?

I have.  I do.

October 27, 2010

Happy birthday to Meme!

We wish you the Happiest of Birthdays!!!!!!  We love having you in our lives and appreciate everything you do for us!

We love riding your horses out in the country!

You are so full of love and that makes you special to all of us!

And always remember, you've got a friend in me!

You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you're miles and miles
From your nice warm bed
Just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you've got a friend in me

Happy happy birthday!  And enjoy your kid's table!  We love you!

October 26, 2010


People in my hometown are funny!

I love a good Sunday morning read of the paper's section that shows who is getting married, got married or had babies.

Looking at this past Sunday's edition, there was a picture of a couple who had recently wed.  The picture was of the happy couple presumably before or after said nuptials.  The bride was wearing her bluetooth ear piece in the picture!

Really?  No offense to that gal, but is that what you want to remember?  That your wedding was not important enough to leave the phone at least in the car?

Really?  Whatever floats your boat I guess!

October 25, 2010


Why is it that when I actually say my To Do list out loud do I realize just how much stuff I have to get done in such a short amount of time??

Help me to realize that it IS OK if not everything gets done.

Who am I kidding?  I am Superwoman.

I guess I can catch up on my sleep in another life?  At least this life is fun!

Thoughts from a 3 year old

We've been discussing creation and all that God made lately.  Kiddo is super excited about the fact that God created everything.  You can see the wheels turning in her head sometimes.

On the way to school one day recently, she exclaimed,

"MAMA, I can see the Earth from here!  And it's twirling."

She's right.  Smart girl.  Fun to see how her little 3 year old mind works.

October 24, 2010


We finally got some rain in our parts the other day.  It's been a while.  During the night, it stormed.  Lots of thunder and lightening mixed in with a little rain.  It was pretty loud.  Loud enough to wake me up.  I didn't hear the kiddo on the monitor (yes, I still use one, don't judge, our house is a split plan and my child rarely gets out of bed).  I assumed she was sound asleep and the BOOMING didn't wake her.  She sleeps as hard as her Daddy does.  Me, I'm a light sleeper, usually, depending on our tired I am.

I must have been pretty tired.  I fell back asleep shortly after the thunder subsided enough where I could sleep.  When I went to get the kiddo up for the day, I noticed she had on different PJ bottoms.  So, I asked her what happened.  She usually won't get out of the bed in the middle of the night to go potty unless I'm with her.  She screams for me until I come in there and go to the potty with her.  Yeah, it sucks, but it beats changing the sheets at 2 am so I get my tired booty up and go.

She proceeded to tell me that she got up to go potty in the middle of the night but didn't quite make it.  She made it to the bathroom but not quite to the toilet.  At least it wasn't in her bed.

I told her it was ok.

When we got in the car to head to school, I asked her about it again.  She was more awake at this point.  Yet another trait she gets from her Daddy.  I also asked her if she heard the thunder last night and if it woke her up.

Her response?

"Mama, the thunder made me go potty."

Mystery solved.  I guess it boomed at the exact time she walked into the bathroom, scary the teetee out of her.  Poor baby.  She survived, changed panties and PJ bottoms, and went back to sleep.  I was so tired that I apparently slept through the whole thing.  Guess the hubby helped her. 

I guess I need more sleep so I will remember (or hear) my kiddo.  Nah, I knew Daddy was home and still up so I let him handle it instead of me for a change.  Thanks honey.

October 23, 2010

Night Lights

My kiddo has slept with a night light in her room for years.  She's always had an age appropriate one as well.

The other night she pranced into my bedroom and announced that I needed a night light in my room.  The hubby agreed since we've (he's) finally decided to sleep with the TV off.  I like at least leaving the TV on but volume off so I can see if I need to get up in the middle of the night.

So, this is what I got.

This WAS the one in her room.  This is what she found in her drawer and put in her room.

Not sure how I feel about this??   When did she get so old that she needs Princess and not Tinkerbell??

Hubby likes the fact that I know have a night light too.  I have never turned it on but he so kindly does every night.

October 22, 2010

Customer Service

I've had 2 horrible experiences in Customer Service this week that I'm convinced some people should just NOT be doing that job!

If you can't at least say it with a smile, you need to consider another career path.

Thanks for making my experiences so memorable this week!


Selfishness leads to an angry heart.

Remember the parable of the two sons in Luke?  One son asked for his portion of his Father's riches before the man was even dead?  Then, he ran off and wasted it all away.  When he realized he had made a mistake, he came back and his father was elated and threw a huge party to celebrate his return.  All the while, the older son was outside working and came home to see what was going one.  He was hurt because he had been there the entire time and his father had never thrown him a party or anything.

Selfishness leads to an angry heart.

Are you the younger brother or the older brother when it comes to how you act?  That's a tough one.

Read the book The Prodigal God.  We are using this as our latest small group study.  Pretty good stuff so far.

And remember,

Selfishness leads to an angry heart.

October 21, 2010

Shake Weight

Yes, I have one.  I requested it actually.  I am not ashamed.  I love it.

One of my awesome sisters-in-law gave it to me for my birthday.  She thought I was just kidding when I put in the request.

I know you have seen them.  Ever watch Ellen?  She made them famous.  I love her!  I DVR her show every day.  Now, if I just had time to watch them all...

I digress.  Surprised?

Back to the Shake Weight.  All you have to do is 240 quick reps per day.  It even comes with a DVD and a sheet that shows you all the cool ways to use it.

I will say that I only use it when everyone at my house is asleep and hope my neighbors can't see in the windows.

I am a dork.  I know.  But at least my arms will be ripped soon.  Hopefully.

Oh, and said sis in law also gave me an MSU Snuggie.  She's pretty cool herself.

October 20, 2010

Kids Say the Darnest Things!

Kiddo said this tonight.

"God created the Heavens and the Earth and Mississippi State."

Smart gal!

Wordless Wednesday

 At the Circus. And no, that's not the hubby. It's a guy who works for the Circus. 

October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend, we went to the Pumpkin Patch.  It was hot, but we had a great time.  Kiddo wore herself out running from one thing to the next.  I thought she would crash on the way home but I was sorely mistaken.  She thinks she is grown these days.

I won't bore you with the details but I will share a few pictures!

We did a little swinging.

We played in some corn.

Kiddo got her face painted.

Kids rode the 'Caterpillar Train' and it was interesting.

It was a good time all around.  Now, when am I supposed to clean my house and all that other fun stuff you are supposed to do on weekends?

October 18, 2010

Wonderful Story

I saw this on Yahoo the other day and then another friend of mine sent it to me.

Nice to see a positive story from my home state.

With her tender, small hands, Amanda Aldridge held the silver tiara with a gentle grip. She looked at it again, smiled and placed it in its rightful place – on top of her head.

There she is: Amanda Aldridge, 2010 Homecoming Queen of Tupelo High School.

Aldridge thrives on the look of royalty. The silvery crown presented to her on a special Friday evening at the THS stadium is hers to keep, and she doesn’t plan on putting it away anytime soon.

“She would wear it everywhere if she could get away with it,” said Amanda’s mother, Janice Aldridge.

Rarely does a girl like Aldridge, who has Down syndrome, get an opportunity to win such a coveted honor as homecoming queen. But there’s a special bond between Amanda, a senior at Tupelo High, and her fellow students. They’ve learned from her over the years and included her in many activities.

“When we see her in the hallways, everyone says, ‘Hey, Amanda,’” said Mialee Billingsley, one of her

closest friends. “She’ll say your name and starts hugging you. She’s always happy and always so nice to everybody.”

Their friendship is important to the 19-year-old Aldridge.

“I have lots of friends,” she said. “Boys, boys, boys, girls, girls, girls.”

Election and reaction

Aldridge was one of six senior girls who walked onto the THS football field at halftime of the Golden Wave-Columbus game Sept. 24 with dreams of being crowned the queen of a student body of almost 2,000.

The journey to this point actually began the previous school year, when Aldridge’s closest friends developed a plan to get her on the homecoming court.

“We told everyone to nominate her because we thought if she got on the ballot, there would be no way she wouldn’t get on the court,” Billingsley said. “Everyone knows Amanda and we knew everyone would vote for her if she got on the ballot.”

Aldridge was among the top eight finalists in the nomination process to be placed on the ballot. From that group, six were selected by students to serve as senior maids with one elected the winner.

“We were just honored that the student body thought enough of her just to nominate her,” Janice Aldridge said. “And when she got on the ballot, that just blew us away.”

Amanda enjoyed being a part of the homecoming festivities, which included a ride in a Corvette during the Tupelo homecoming parade down Main Street on Thursday, Sept. 23. The next morning, she received flower bouquets from two of her fellow senior maids.

Decked out in her formal dress (“It was hot pink,” she said), Aldridge was escorted by Jackson Nabors in the halftime ceremony. The capacity crowd in the home team stands, especially the student section, welcomed her with overwhelming applause and cheers.

When Aldridge’s name was called as the winner, she gave a couple of “Yes!” fist pumps and hugged Nabors tightly.

“I was excited,” she said. “It was me and Jackson, and we were so excited about it.”

The response in the stands was even greater, Billingsley said.

“I jumped up and everybody around was screaming and hugging each other,” she said. “We were clapping for her. They said her name, and her hand popped up and like she was pumping the air. She was so excited.”

Louis Aldridge, Amanda’s father, was on the field to present flowers to his daughter when he was touched by the emotional response in the stadium. The following day, he discovered how much his daughter’s crowning touched others in the city.

“They tell me when they announced her as homecoming queen, everybody stood up,” he said. The next morning, I went to the coffee shop. There was a man there who walked up to me with tears in his eyes, crying tears of joy and telling me what a wonderful act this was of the student body of the high school.”

The students at Tupelo High School, Louis Aldridge added, should be commended for their vote and their show of friendship toward his daughter.

“For a student body of nearly 2,000 to come together and elect somebody with Down syndrome as their homecoming queen speaks volumes of their character and attitude,” he said. “They put themselves aside and did something to honor somebody who would not get an honor like this in her life.”

Amanda’s reign

Once the crown was on her head, Amanda didn’t want to remove it. “I wore it the next day,” she said.

Janice Aldridge added, “She wanted to wear it to church on Sunday and to school on Monday. We wouldn’t let her.”

Amanda, however, has taken the crown to “camp” – the Touched by an Angel Ministries and Camp located next to the Aldridge home near the Lee-Pontotoc county line.

The camp’s founder is Amanda’s older brother, State Rep. Brian Aldridge. At Touched by an Angel, children with physical, mental and emotional disabilities can ride horses as part of their therapy. The camp’s creation was inspired by Amanda’s life with Down syndrome and Brian’s own liver transplant, which took place the same year as Amanda’s birth.

As each day passes, Aldridge is enjoying her final year at Tupelo High. She has a busy class schedule and is a manager for the Tupelo Lady Wave girls basketball team. “I like high school,” she said.

Her future plans include working as a volunteer, especially at Touched by an Angel. “I’m going to wear it to camp,” she said of her tiara.

Asked if she thought about wearing the crown during graduation in May, she smiled and looked toward her parents. They quickly nixed the idea. But together, they came up with a more appropriate time and place for Amanda to wear her tiara at Tupelo High.

“I’m going to wear it to Homecoming next year,” she said.

October 17, 2010

It's A Great Day

To be a Mississippi State Bulldog.  Where the Student became the Teacher!

It's only October and we are already 1 game away from Bowl eligibility. 

4 of my favorite players, all defensive men!

Dan Mullen, I think I love you.

 Thank you.  Now, just don't go anywhere for a long time.

That goes for you too, Manny Diaz.  My new hero!

Hail Dear Old State!

October 16, 2010


I hate roaches.  Ok, that's a harsh word.  I loathe them.  A lot.  They seem to have come to live in my garage.  ICK.

They.are.grossssss. That is all.

Anybody want to come visit?

October 15, 2010


You absolutely NEVER know what someone is going through at any given moment in their life.  Always think about what you say BEFORE you say it.

I know.  That's hard for me to do.  I'm a little, um, blunt?

I was recently told a horrible story by a friend.  Had no clue she was going through any of it.  I thought something was up and had been praying for her, knowing that was all I could do.  Once she confided in me, I realized that I had no clue she had been going through anything like that, much less for that long.

So friends, let's keep it real and always consider that you really never know what someone is going through at any given moment.  And, remember that things you say or do can be hurtful, even if not intended to be.

She could also use some prayers.  She's making some big changes in her life and needs some strength and peace.

If you are feeling generous, you can pray for me and my bluntness (is that really a word?) too.  I'm working on it.

October 14, 2010


Just wanted everyone to know that there is a handy little device that started putting in vehicles many many years ago. It's not a new thing.

It's called a blinker.

Ever heard of it?

Didn't think so. Some of you have. I'm not talking to all of you.

It's located on the side of your steering wheel and it's purpose is to alert other drivers that you are turning. Everyone should have learned this in Driver's Ed. class.

I know you at least know that it exists because you are required, by law, to get an inspection sticker once a year. They make sure your blinkers work. And yes, there is one for a right turn and a left turn.

GASP! I know. It's pretty cool.

You should also know that you should use said blinker BEFORE you turn, not AS you turn.

Thank you to all those who properly use the turn signal. They put it in the car for a reason.

October 12, 2010


Remember the game many of us have played before as kids called Perfection?

Basically, you try and beat the clock by getting all the pieces in the 'perfect place'? If you didn't complete it within the 60 second round, the tray popped up and the pieces went flying.

Good times right?

First off, why is it that we try and time perfection? 

Do we not realize that we are not perfect?  Nor, will we ever be?

I know I am not perfect.  Never have been.  Never will be.  I'm ok with that.

But what most people don't realize is that there is no amount of money or fame or 'things' that can make you perfect.  No amount of plastic surgery (insert your own Speidi comment here) can make you better than what you already are.

That being said, I wouldn't mind a few things to make me better, but never perfect.

There is only one person who has ever been, or will be, perfect.  His name is God and He lives in my heart.  He gave up His ONLY son for us because we were not perfect.  We have all sinned.  We all sin.  We all will sin.

Two of my favorite passages are:
James 1:17:
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Psalm 139:14:
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

I've known for a very long time that I was not perfect.  GASP!  I know!  It's a hard concept to grasp.  But God made us each special in our own way, perfect in His eyes.

So why do we all strive for perfection?  I'm not sure.  Maybe to be more like Him?  Or maybe to be more like someone else? 

Why do you strive for perfection??

October 11, 2010

Free Canvas

The other day, Kelly's Korner at this on her page and I took advantage of it.

Now, I'm letting each of you take advantage to.

Go here for a free canvas.  I ordered mine on Monday, the 4th and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival.  I only paid $14.95 for the shipping of an 8 x 10.  You can upgrade to a bigger size for just a small amount.  Pretty small amount, if you ask me.  I'm planning to order another after we get our Christmas pictures taken the first week of November.


October 10, 2010


So, what is so special about today?

What I think is pretty cool is that the same thing happened in 08, 09, and will happen in 11 and 12.
09/09/09 Hubby turned 20 on this important date.

Just kind of cool.  According to yahoo search, there are nothing but weddings planned for these days. I guess it's pretty easy to remember.

Some places are offering specials on travel for that day as well.  And, there was something about Global Warming and preserving things on this day. Not too sure about all that, but hey, it's still cool.

Kind of like me.

I can say that right?

It is my blog.

My cool blog.

Happy 10/10/10 day. Look at the clock at 10:10 and make a wish or something.

October 9, 2010

Bible Stories from a Kiddo

The other night at bedtime, the kiddo and I were having our prayer time.  She decided to tell me 3 stories.  The first one started out as this and I just listened while trying to keep a straight face.

I mean, how can you not love this face?

"Mama, let's thank God for creating everything and US!"

I love this kid.  She's so smart.

Then, she proceeded to tell me the story about Jacob.

"Mama, Jacob didn't do what God wanted him to.  And, that's not good.  Then, he throwed up."

Pretty accurate story huh?  Not even close.  I think she just has an obsession with puking.  Or the fact that Grey's Anatomy happened to be on for a few minutes and she saw a scene from last week's episode where some dud puked on himself.  I know, I know.  My kiddo should not be watching that.  She just caught a little between bathtime and bedtime.

Just when I thought we were done with our stories and prayers, she told me she had 1 more story.

This is where it gets fuzzy because I was too busy trying NOT to laugh.

Something about monkeys and them getting bananas.  Then, she wanted me to know what chimpanzees do.  Then, she reminded me that we saw chimpanzees at the Circus not long ago.

I wasn't going to argue with her because I know I would lose but they were monkeys, not chimps!

We did get some sweet prayers out of it though.  That's the part I really love.  The fact that she is learning about God at school and is willing to share that with others.  You go kiddo.  And I'm not saying that just because she's mine.  But it helps.

October 8, 2010

Halloween Candy

In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday, I've been seeing (ok, and eating) some Halloween candy. Seeing (and eating) a box of Milk Duds (what only 4 in there??) brings back many memories of when I was a kid and had been trick or treating.
When we lived in our old neighborhood, we would all go trick or treating together. You knew which houses to avoid that gave out the popcorn balls and which ones had the good candy.

As soon as we were done, our Moms would sit us all down in the living room and 'inspect' our loot. They might find something they liked and pick it out first, but then they would let us have at it, once they got out all the open pieces, etc.

Then, we would have to go to bed all sugared up. Good times.

These get me in trouble every year.

Now, there are all these Fall Festivals to attend. Not so much candy, but definitely a good time and an even better message.

That brings me to my point (if there really is one) - What is your favorite Halloween candy? What memory does a piece of Halloween candy bring back for you????

October 7, 2010


Yesterday morning on the way to school, the kiddo randomly announced that she wanted some snow.

Yes, I realize it's October in Mississippi and it doesn't snow here until February or March, if ever.  But, my kiddo who will be 4 in January, has seen snow 3 times already in her lifetime.  That's almost as many as me. No, I take that back. I used to see it all the time when I was younger.

Yes, this is what rednecks in MS do when it snows.  We ride on something usually designed for water sports, pulled by a 4-wheeler.  We are resourceful.  And I love my neighbors.

Growing up, we had a great hill in our backyard.  Perfect for when it snowed.  We would slide down the hill on plastic trays or homemade sleds.  Yes, you read that right.  My dad can make just about anything out of wood.  He made us some sleds one year.  Now, there is no need for them since global warming and El Nino are popular.

I digress. Happens a lot.

When the kiddo told me she wanted some snow, I told her I did too.  I'm tired of hot weather and LOVE the colder times of the year.  Granted, right now it feels pretty awesome outside.  But, I know it will be short-lived.

After I agreed with her, she told me that God wouldn't let us have snow.  I asked her why she said that.  She informed me that God didn't like the snow.

Guess she knows more than me, right?  Bring on the snow!

October 4, 2010

Shift Work

Shift.Work.Sucks. Plain and simple.

Have you ever heard Kenny Chesney's song, Shift Work? Excuse all the half-naked girls, I like the rest of it. Like the real workers he showcases.

If you don't know what shift work is, let me enlighten you. I don't even wish it on my mortal enemy (not that I really have any). Horrible.

Hubby works say from Saturday to Friday one week on days, which is 7 am to 3 pm. Well, it's more like 5:30 or 6 am to 1:30 or 2 pm. Weirdos.

Then, he will be off Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

On Tuesday, he starts night shift until the following Monday. That's 11 pm to 7 am. Or, for them 10 pm to 6 am.

Then, he's off Tuesday and Wednesday.

Then, on Thursday, he start evenings. That's 3 pm to 11 pm. Or for them, 2 pm to 9:30 pm. He works this shift from Thursday to the following Wednesday.

Then, he's off Thursday and Friday.

Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

Did you follow all that? Took me about 4 years to get it all straight. Then, they changed his shift.

Did you notice anything? He's only off 1 weekend a month.

On evenings, we NEVER see him.

And this changes EVERY week. It's the same crappy shifts over and over and over again.

And it's soooooo hard to plan anything.

It's a system.  A very weird system.

For most normal shift workers, it's 7a-3p, 3p-11p, and 11p-7a. His place is somewhat varied of that.

Oh, and to throw a kink in things, they have an annual shutdown where everyone works like dogs for 16 hours a day for about 2 weeks. Great money but not fun being a single parent. Ever.

Most people get to pick a shift: days, evenings, or nights. Not us. We work them all.

I am grateful we both have good full-time employment. Don't get me wrong about that. Just frustrating to try and plan anything. Or have a normal life. Or see each other.

Ok, my daily rant for the day. If you know something wanting to work at a company with shift work, highly encourage them to look elsewhere. Especially if they have or want a family.

October 2, 2010

Go Dawgs!

Today, I will be celebrating with friends. Celebrating an upcoming marriage, seeing old friends, watching my Dawgs play (and hopefully win) and being kid-free while Daddy has duty all weekend.

Lots of things to be happy about.

I will be with some of these peeps.

Carmen, we will miss you dearly! 

I will be sitting here:

And here:

Doing a little of this with said peeps:

Getting my grub on here:

And having an all around good time. Have a nice Saturday.

October 1, 2010

The Doctor

It's finally a little cooler outside! Which translates to - we can play outside when we get home and not sweat! Awesome.

The other night the hubby was grilling up some supper so the kiddo and I were outside 'helping.' Ok, we were just watching. Kiddo had been with me to the dentist that morning and was given some gloves and 'goggles' (camo sunglasses, really). She was the dental hygienist's 'helper'. She will not be on my dental insurance until January but has been asking to go to the dentist lately, so I took her with me to 'watch and learn.' She'd been to a different place with our carpool crew so she was interested. She sat in the chair beside me and was quiet for about 5 minutes. If you know my child, you know that is a world record for her. She even got up at one point and held my forehead and told me not to move. It was actually pretty sweet.

Our wonderful dentist, who we can also say is a good friend and former church member of ours, was kind enough to look at her teeth and count them to make sure she had them all. She was a little upset when we left about not getting her teeth cleaned but we made a deal that she can go first the next time we come. And don't worry. She WILL remember that promise in 6 months. She's like an elephant and remembers everything, especially a promise or a deal!

I digress.

Back to the story. She and I were sitting out back when she decided she wanted to get her gloves and glasses and be the Dr. For her birthday last year, her sweet Aunt OJ gave her this medical kit. You know, the ones with the bag and the fake thermometer, blood pressure thingy, shot, and stethoscope, etc.

And no, shoes were not included!

She even brought her etch a sketch outside too. And some Army Kung-Fu looking dude.

She informed me that she was the Dr. and I was the one needing to be 'doctored.' She made me check in by writing my name on the etch a sketch. Not just my first name, my whole name. All of them, she says.

Once I was 'checked in', she began her work. She was very thorough.

She checked my temperature first. On my arm. Not under my arm or in my mouth. On my arm, but under my sleeve.

To my surprise, I had a temp of 625! Wow, I was really sick. Yet, for some reason, the thermometer showed a smiley face. I asked her if I was going to be ok. She told me I would.

Never fear the Dr. is in!

Then she took my blood pressure. (Side note: I don't think she has EVER had this done to her but she actually did it at the appropriate time. Maybe a real future Dr.?)

My BP was good.

Next, she listened to my heart. Sort of. Then, she made me talk into it.

Me: "Hello Dr."

Dr. Kiddo: "Hello. How are you today?"

Me: "Good, I think. Can you tell me if I'm going to be ok?"

Dr. Kiddo: "You are going to live!"

HOOOOORRRRAAAYYY!!!! Good to know.

Then I was given the Army Kung-Fu looking dude for 'good behavior'. Score.

Then, the sweetest part about my visit to the Dr.

She opened her Bible and read/quoted Aunt Holly's verse.

"Now Faith is bring sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1.

I love this girl. 

Until hubby started laughing and telling me that it must mean I don't have much time left! Well, at least she was making sure I knew were I was going when I died!

You thought it ended there, didn't you??

Me, being the awesome mother that I am, realized this was an excellent teaching moment.

So, I asked her if she knew what happened after someone dies. I got a little stank eye look from her and continued.

I told her that if Jesus lived in her heart, then when she died, she would go to live with Him in Heaven.

And she chimed in and said,

"And if you are bad and don't have Jesus in your heart, you will go to the fiery furnace!"

Amen sister. Job well done. Did I mention she's only 3???