September 30, 2010

What I've Learned

What have I learned over the past 30 days?

Granted, I didn't post all 30 things that were suggested since we had so many birthdays this month! It was fun and interesting. It was fun to relive some old memories and interesting to see what I could come up with!

The biggest 'AHA' moment for me was that I realize just how blessed I am. I have, so far, lived a pretty awesome life. I enjoyed my junior high and high school years. I thoroughly enjoyed my days at Mississippi State. Go Dawgs. I should have gone to school longer!

I have been blessed with a healthy family and friends. Although the past year has been pretty tough with some horrible losses of life, it has reminded me that we are not promised tomorrow. I'm also closer with people now that I have not been in years. I love it.

Also, over the past 30 days, I had a birthday. I became another year older. I would like to think I became wiser as well. The older I get, the more I realize just how much my parents sacrificed for me. Man, it sure was a great deal. My brother and I were lucky to never go without. Sure, we sometimes didn't have the best things (aka BLUE BOMB) but we were provided for. That's more than some people can ever say. They also were so giving of their time. Kids are busy! And both my parents worked full time! I still to this day, don't know how they did it all. I can only hope I do it half as good as they did.

I wonder what I will learn over the next 30 days. Trips are planned, weddings to attend, and more birthdays (thankfully not mine!). Another great adventure, I am sure!

I also learned that blogging every day is hard. I might have to cut back some. We'll see what random things I can think of.

Thanks for taking the ride with me! It sure has been fun! Now, anybody got any more ideas?

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