September 7, 2010


Day 06 - The earliest thing you can remember
I'm also combining this one with Day 13 - A memory that never fails to make you laugh

 I'm sure there are many things that I can remember but have no idea what is the earliest. I remember quite a few things from when I was 3, maybe?

One of the best stories, that I remember vividly, happened when I was in preschool/kindergarten at my church. My mom only worked half days back then but sometimes I would get to go home with one of my friends, Whitney, after school.

We were waiting in the fellowship hall for all the other kids to get picked up. Whitney's mom was talking to somebody else and we were ready to go home and start playing. So Whitney went to ask her if we could walk home. We were smart kids, I tell ya!

Her mom nodded her head, giving us the go ahead. We didn't realize that she never heard Whitney and was nodding her head in agreement with what the other lady was saying.

So off we went. They didn't live far from the church, by car, but on foot is a different story.

Whitney and I thought we were so brave and smart. We headed down the street, headed in the direction of her house. We stayed in the grass and made sure the cars wouldn't hit us. 

We didn't even make it halfway down the road before we started seeing cop cars. We wondered who they were looking for but we hid behind a tree to make sure it wasn't us.

A few minutes later, my Mom drove down the road and spotted us. She made us get in the car, where we proceeded to hide on the floorboard because we were so scared of what she and Whitney's mom were going to do to us!

Ever since then, Whitney and I have the name, Kindergarten Runaways. I still attend that church many years later, but luckily, I don't think many people still remember this story. I guarantee you that my mom and Whitney's mom will NEVER let us forget the scare we gave them.

Sorry about that Mom. I was not as smart as I thought I was!

PS - Happy birthday to my mom's best friend, Mrs. Faye. Sydney adores you and so do I. Thanks for being another mother to me for all these years. I think I've known you since the day I was born? I hope it's the best birthday ever. Not that anything can top that nice cruise you were on a few  years ago! Happy birthday!
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