September 29, 2010

Homemade Guitars and Music

My hubby asked me a very interesting question the other night.

Randomly, as I was getting the kiddo ready for bed, no less.

"Did you and your brother and/or friends ever 'rock out' in your rooms with fake instruments and all that?"

I really had to laugh at him. He's soooooo random. If you know him, you can agree. I love you honey, but you are.

It made me remember about our homemade guitars. We used old shoe boxes and some rubber bands. That was all you needed to make a good guitar. To my dismay, my hubby lived a sheltered life. So I thought. His Daddy was quite the musician so they always had real instruments.

Ours was not quite this nice but it's the best picture I could find to explain.

I guarantee you, our fake instruments were WAY more fun.

I mean, we could strum with the best of them.

Carrie, Casey, Tony, Heather, anybody???? Remember, sing it with me!

OHHHHHHHHHHH, Heather is my girlfriend, Heather is my girlfriend.
All while strumming your shoebox guitar.

Those were the days. And yes, you are welcome for that awesome memory. I hope all of you that know that little diddy are singing it for the rest of the day!

So that really made me think, what other songs did we jam out to? I honestly can't remember. Hubby said it was Poison for them.

Anybody got any good jam session stories from childhood?

PS - I guess I am a little random too. Maybe that's why my and the hubby work so well???
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