August 20, 2010

Traffic Rules

Just thought I would share some things I learned back in 1995 or so in Driver's Education. Granted, it was taught by a high school coach, but I still learned the basics. That and with the help of my Daddy on the backroads of his super small hometown.

Yield means slow down and see if anything is coming before you GO! If another car (that has the right-of-way, mind you) is coming, slow down and wait for them to go by and then continue into the flow of traffic.

Same goes for you in that flow of traffic. You have the right-of-way. If someone is trying to enter the flow, they must yield. You don't have to! So don't slow down or stop just to be nice and let them into the flow. If the other lane is open, change to it and carry on your merry way.

Another thing I learned was how to work a 4-way stop. This also applies for a stop light that is out. Yield to the person to your left. Please pay attention and go only when it's your turn, not just when it's convenient for you.

And here for you lucky readers is the best piece of advice I can give you about traffic rules. If you are stopped and waiting for an opening to pull into oncoming traffic, please don't pull out in front of me. Especially if there is only 2 feet to pull out into. Not cool. Feel free to do it if you would like a new bumper, at your own cost.

So please abide by your local traffic rules. It makes everyone's lives so much easier.

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