August 5, 2010

Song Choice

Don't you hate to admit when you hear an old song and it has a whole different meaning?

Or you hear the words correctly and realize what they are actually saying and it makes WAY more sense now?

I did that last week. I will not share what song it was.

I do remember the day when I realized the real words to 'Love Shack'. Tin roof, rusted. I think I might have actually googled that one day? It's been a while.

One of my all time favorite songs is 'Just A Friend' by good ole Biz Markie. I know that also dates me a bit. I love when I randomly hear it on the radio after I haven't heard it in what has possibly been years.

I'm an 80's girl all the way. I love listening to the Police, U2, Aerosmith, and all kinds. I think the reason why is the music on today is just not as good quality wise. If you were to see my stations on Pandora, you would be surprised. I don't have many. One is Rick Springfield (That one is for you, Lisa). One is Aerosmith, which until last week, I really enjoyed. The ad on the side of the page that stays on there 90% of the time I look at it is for Plan B. If you don't know what that is, I'm not explaining it. I don't agree with it. So I've made a new station for U2. Much better. I think that one had Netflix or something.

My other favorite Pandora station is Third Day. I've liked them for a long time. They play the new and old on there while throwing in some goodies from other great Christian bands that I love.

I just added a new station today: David Cook. And yes, they play a lot of American Idol contestants on there. Kris Allen, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, etc but I actually really like it.

As much as I like music, I cannot sing it at all. I love to sing, I just don't do it well. I almost always listen to KLove in the car when my kiddo is with me. We jam out to some old school Audio Adrenaline or her favorite, Mercy Me. Unless we are jamming to Veggie Tales because I'm cool like that.

So there's a little insight into ME! Keeping it real folks!

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