August 23, 2010


I wish I had a tape recorder on 24/7 with my lively and super smart 3.5 kiddo. She's always throwing something at me that I can't help but laugh at. I'm trying to do better at remembering them and putting them here.

Favorite quote of the weekend (some of you probably saw on Facebook):
Sydney, "Mom's aren't fine! They're cool!"

I'll take it. I just hope she feels that way in 10 years.

At lunch with the hubby's family, they all asked the kiddo where Daddy was.
Her response, "He's sleeping. He goes to work and he works and works and works and works and works where the smoke is."

I'm not sure what kind of lines my hubby has been feeding her, but I she knows he works all the time. She also got to ride by Daddy's work twice last week so she got to see the 'smoke' that the machine he works on makes.

Oh, and at church, she informed by sister in law that she is spending the night with her Friday. Good to know. Anybody got any plans since I will apparently be kid-free? Kidding Holly. Not sure if we are quite ready for sleepovers yet. At least until we can quit waking up at midnight every night to go potty!

That's the good ones I remember! I am sure there are more that I missed. I can't keep up! I'll try and write them (ok, maybe a few of them, not all!) down.

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