August 30, 2010

Guilty pleasure

I think I am going to start my 30 day reveals a little early. Our family has lots of September birthdays so I have a lot in store for that.

Today's Reveal - Guilty Pleasures

I have many. Really. I do. Everyone does right?

I will have to say there is one that is truly a pleasure.

PEDICURES! A little slice of Heaven!


I never had a pedicure until right before I got married 8 years ago. My feet are terrible. I also am NOT a foot/feet person. Never have been. I don't want you touching my feet. I don't want you touching me with your feet. Gross. I've come a long way though. I love a good foot rub, from the right person. And I don't mind returning the favor, if your feet are clean! Straight out of the shower clean.

When I was pregnant, my ankles were lost. I mean, I didn't see them for about 6 month. I was sooooo swollen that it was ridiculous. The only thing that helped were good foot rubs and pedicures! There is nothing greater than someone rubbing, pampering, painting your feet/toes when you can't even see them.

I remember about a week before I had my kiddo, I went for one last pedicure. My boss at the time had given me one for Christmas (kiddo was born in Jan.) and it was the best thing I ever did. Except when the water got me a little too hot and I thought I was going to pass out. Once I got over that, it was Heaven!

I still love a good pedicure. Some sweet friends got me a gift certificate to a spa not long ago for some hard work I had put into an event. I redeemed it a few weeks ago. For what? A pedi/mani! Bonus! It was divine!

I can't seem to justify spending money to have these often since I would rather clothe and feed my kiddo and hubby, but it sure is a nice guilty pleasure when I can get it!

There are many more than maybe one day I will divulge all my secrets!

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