August 3, 2010

Facebook Etiquette

Everybody does it. You are friends with 500 people on Facebook. How many of them would you actually speak to in the grocery store? I'm just as guilty as anyone.

Then, there are some people that you've known for years who all the sudden won't accept your friend requests. I guess the ignore button was a little more appealing that the accept one. I've done it before. But, when you receive multiple friend requests from one person, it's just RUDE to not accept.

Or have you ever been 'cleaning house' with your FB friends and then in a few weeks, you get a friend request for someone you deleted? That's why they invented the HIDE button. You can still be nice and be their friend but you don't have to read their updates, see the pictures, etc. unless you want choose to.

I currently have a few hidden. I am sure I am hidden on someone else's page. For those who are always posting um, not so nice status updates, they get the HIDE button. For the lovesick couple who is always talking about how great their spouse is, enough is enough. We get it. He rocks your world and vice versa. I choose to HIDE you. Carry on.

For that person that is always updating their status, like multiple times a day, I get exhausted trying to keep up with it. HIDE. 

For that person whose status is so long that it breaks into 2 different updates, HIDE. 

Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a time for everything. Actually, one of my favorite passages. But Facebook is not the place or time to put it all out there. I probably put too much on there myself, but some things need to be kept private. I understand that most people post things to gain sympathy from other people. That 'poor me' mentality is a subject for a post for another day. It's actually saved in my Drafts right now. But seriously, some things really should be kept private.

So, how's the weather where you are? Maybe that's a better subject to talk about?


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