August 18, 2017


Today is our Caboose's 6th birthday!!!

That girl LOVES TV, chocolate milk, candy, yogurt, Princesses, crowns, Mississippi State Bulldogs, selfie taking and so much more! She fiercely loves her sister but won't tell you that. Although, she told Jack the other day that her sister was her best friend. There is truth in that but goodness they FIGHT.

She can push at the same time but she can make it melt away with one puppy dog eyes look or a sweet embrace. She might be a wild one but she sure is pure sweetness.

Oh little one, I can't imagine life without you! My little sidekick!

August 10, 2017

1st Day of School

Today marks the 1st day of school for my kiddos. 1st grade and 5th grade. I am loving these ages as they are so much more independent this year. I was totally that Mom that just dropped them off in the car rider line this am and yelled, "Have a great 1st day." Then drove away.  I'll walk them in another day.  There was ZERO parking and we were early so I told them they could just go on in by themselves. Surprisingly, my oldest was the one that was the saddest about it. The younger one NEVER skipped a beat.  

So here is a pic from before we left home. It was raining outside so they are in our living room. Luckily, it had about stopped raining when we got to school for all those people going in and out.

  She looks like she's trying to call her friends on Mars. 

I've prayed and prayed for our school and our kids for this year. I will continue to do so. Here's to a great school year.

June 15, 2017

15 Years

15 years of wedding bliss today. Ha. Bliss??  Yeah. It's not always rainbows and sunshine but we are fierce. We fight for each other. We fight against each other. But I wouldn't trade him for anything. Well, maybe.


He's a keeper. I mean, at this point, I can't get rid of him? He knows too much. hahaha

Happy anniversary to the only one that's ever spent this much time with me and wasn't related to me. 

Here's to 60 more!

We spent a lovely weekend in Natchez, MS last weekend. We had a great time with some other friends who were also celebrating their anniversary. 

May 25, 2017

We made it!


We made it friends. I never thought this year was going to end, even thought it FLEW by.

I now officially have a 1st and 5th grader. CRAZINESS.

A few pics from Kindergarten graduation.

 This faces about sums up her thoughts on Kindergarten. HA

And one of my now 5th grader at Awards Day.


January 13, 2017

Cruise Day 5 - Grand Cayman

I'm trying my best to get these cruise posts finished!

Day 5 was my favorite day of the entire trip.  Grand Cayman.  It was also towel animal day (where they make a ton of towel animals and put them all over the Lido deck).  I knew we didn't have anything scheduled and it was just going to be the Hubs and I.

We did know this was a tendered port so we went ahead and got up and ready to go in plenty of time. The water in Grand Cayman was the most beautiful I have EVER seen. I thought it was clear and nice at Grand Turk 2 years ago but this was better.

After navigating the junk at the port, we found a cab driver that would take us for $4 a person to the Royal Palms, along 7 Mile Beach (the island is only 8 miles if that tells you anything!), which is a private resort that has an area people from the cruise ships can come to for food, pool and beach. It only costs us $2 each to enter so that was also a plus. We were worried it would be packed but it was not bad. We found a nice spot in the sand and set up shop. We swam, rented snorkel gear and saw lots of cool fish and just chilled. It was nice to be off the boat and still relaxing. I remember very vividly this day that I was out in that clear blue water, just floating. For a long time. I couldn't hear anything and I couldn't see anything (I closed my eyes). I didn't have a care in the world. This was THE MOST relaxed I think I have honestly ever been. And it was AMAZING. 

The staff here was nice and the bathrooms were super clean. They also had a swim up pool and bar that we never even went to.  Oops. Too much time in the ocean.

 We hopped on a cab back toward the port. As we rode, the driver told us some things about Grand Cayman. It's a very rich place.  A gallon on milk there is like $8, gas was $6 a gallon. Goodness. It was nice but I'm not sure we could ever afford to visit or live there.

I will say that Grand Cayman was beautiful. Everyone we talked to on the cab and later had a pleasant experience. Some people in our cab had done a Carnival excursion where they put a submarine helmet type thing on you and you walk along the ocean floor and get to see all kinds of cool ocean life. She went on and on about how wonderful it was.

We made it back on the ship a little early since we wanted to make sure we grabbed a tender (we didn't want to get left behind, even though it wouldn't have been terrible...).

We showered and got ready for another awesome dinner. We also got to see some amazing scenes as we set sail. 

 Oh, and this is why you take a Carnival excursion and not a private one. They will wait on you if the excursion is late. We had already set sail and stopped for not one, but TWO boats to tender out to us with guests. Yikes! 

This was by far my absolute favorite part of our entire trip. I don't even remember what we ate or what we did that night but I remember that beach and water like I was just there yesterday. Soooooo relaxing.

This one was for Lisa.

Hopefully, I can wrap up these posts soon. No promises. Ha.
Next up, Cozumel!