October 19, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

September 16, 2016

I Choose Me

I recently read this article someone posted on Facebook. I kind of laugh and thought, "Hmm, yeah I'm there." Then I forgot about it.

Until the other day. I saw some co-workers leaving for lunch together. I wasn't invited. No big deal, right? I was headed to the gym at lunch for exercise class. Because I have kids. That's when I have to get my exercise in.

So it made me think about this stage of my life. I LOVE that my kids are older and we can really all enjoy each other (minus the in the car fighting and endless rounds of 'that's not fair') and do fun things together without too many major meltdowns (not counting the grocery store, which I can't do with 2 kids, it stresses me out toooo much. Call me crazy but I just can't. Judge me all you want that we hadn't been to the grocery store in like 2-3 weeks until I went last night.)

Since my kids are older, that means they are into more stuff. My best friend text me the other night to tell me that a certain band was going to be in town if we all wanted to go have dinner, then listen to the band. On a Thursday night.  Um, I wish. We have gymnastics that night. And a spelling test the next day (not the we really study for those, it's MULTIPLE choice now, seriously, how hard is that??). While I would love to go, I declined.  But response was "My kids' social lives have taken over mine."

And nothing could be more true. And I'm ok with it, usually. This is just the stage of life I'm in. I know it's temporary. Pretty soon, they will be driving themselves places and only needing me for money (yes Mom, I know how it works!).

But that makes me sometimes feel like a bad friend. I feel like I have to squeeze every minute of free time I have into doing something for myself. I am not sure what I'm going to do once the TV shows start back next week (HELLO BLACKLIST, where is Lizzie????). I never watch them in real time. Who, with kids, has time for that? That's during bath time and bedtime. Ha. 

I go to exercise class twice a week on my lunch break. I do that for me. I am so glad there is finally a lunchtime class! I don't want to exercise at 5:30 or 6. My kids have been caged up in school for hours and then in after school care for a few more. I don't want them to go sit in the 'nursery' at the gym for another hour. Plus, we only have one night a week that we are free to do that. So we don't. We go home and jump or ride bikes or watch Property Brothers.  I get up super early 2-3 days during the week to run before it's 90000 degrees (even though it's still about 85000 that early). I don't say this to make myself sound better than anyone else. I say it because that's what I choose. For myself. I could choose to be fat for the rest of my life. But sometimes, I choose me.  I also have a great running friend group that encourages and understands. They are almost all Mamas.  Some work weird or long hours, some have husbands that hunt and some have husbands that work awful hours (READ: ME). But we make it work. Somehow, it always works.

So the fact that in this stage of my life, I choose me and my kids, if that makes me a horrible friend, I'm sorry. Kind of. There will be years from now that we can hang out. And I'm ok with that.  I still keep up via social media (which I need to cut more out of too) so I at least know what's going on in their corner of the world. 

Sometimes, we just like being homebodies. That's hard with our full schedules but we take advantage when we can. And that's ok too. ha.

This stage of life is a weird one. But a fun one. And a hard one. They are all hard ones. Just different.

So this is my life and my random thoughts for the day. Annah Mary, your posts have inspired me to do some writing!

August 18, 2016


Today, my Princess turns FIVE. A whole hand. When did this happen??

She loves giving hugs and good loving. She LOVES to watch TV, especially PJ Masks. She loves doing her chores so she can watch said TV. (Thanks Annah Mary, this has been a GAME CHANGER at our house).  She loves her sister even though they fight like sisters. A lot. In the car. She loves her Mama. Really, she loves everyone. That's one of the things I love most about her. She is kind and genuine to most all (except her sister at times).

She will eat donuts for every meal if you let her. Every.single.meal. Which we don't do. She's not a big meat eater but she will eat 3 packs of yogurt in one sitting. She loves her chocolate milk too and I hope it stays that way.

She LOVES school (except the whole sitting still thing). She is on GO all the time. I mean, ALL THE TIME. But when that head hits the pillow, OUT. Thankfully.  And she loves sleep and needs lots of it. Like her Daddy.

She can't wait to read and is allllll about AR tests. Which her sister is NOT so I'm thankful I have one kid that enjoys it. She would let you read every book in the house every night if we could. Every single book. Plus, she procrastinates bedtime like any good 5 year old does. Right??

She's so happy and loving and we are super blessed to be her parents. She was our answer to many prayers and completes our family. I can't wait to see what big plans God has in store for her.

Happy birthday baby girl!

Always, always, always silly!

August 8, 2016

1st Day of School

Today is a big day! It's the 1st day of school!!!  I think it's one of my favorite days of the year (because as a working mom, we don't really get much of a summer break, however, I will be super excited when May rolls around). This year is extra special as both of my girls will be at the same school, finally.

Here we are starting kindergarten and 4th grade. I'm not sure when that happened but I am really starting to love this age.

Big Sister gets up on her own and showers and mostly gets ready on her own. Little Sister is usually my hard one to get out of the bed. However, this awesome mom had made cinnamon cake last night so she jumped right out of bed at those words.

In the craziness of the day, I only got a few pics before we left home. No pics with the teachers yet, but I'll get them later. 

I can't wait to hear allllll about it this afternoon. I am sure one will talk my ear off more than the other.

Hoping all of our friends have a great year too.  My only hope for my girls is that they try their best and show love like Jesus.

July 22, 2016

Life Lately

Life with these two crazy kiddos is always interesting. They've discovered my Snapchat (yeah I'm slowly learning) and have a great time with that. HAHAHA.

The summer is quickly coming to a close and it's so sad. However, when both your parents work, summer is a bit different. They still have to get up at the crack of dawn and we leave the house at the same time during the summer that we do during the school year.  We have been able to do some fun stuff on the weekends which include lots of movie watching (we found Nemo and Dory y'all!!!) and swimming. Big Sister has enjoyed lots of camps and fun stuff. Little Sister has had fun with her old daycare buddies for one more summer!

School starts in 2 weeks!  They will both be at the same school for the first time ever and I'm pretty pumped at that fact. They will both be upstairs at their school so Big Sister says she's going to help her little sister up the stairs every day. I give it a day, maybe two.

Happy last 2 weeks of summer.

June 15, 2016


Today is my 14th wedding anniversary. When did that happen??? We've been together for over 20 years so although it seems like forever, it has seemingly flown by.

The past 14 years have not been easy. They sure have had highs and lows. But there is no one else I'd want to do life with. He makes me sooo angry and then sooo happy.  He works crappy hours and still makes time to hang out with us. He's a great Dad and my best friend.

Here's to 60 more anniversaries with him!

June 2, 2016

School's Out For Summer!

Yes, that song has been sung at our house quite a few times over the last week or so.

SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMAAAAA! We are so happy for no schedules (for the most part) and lots of VBS and camps and swimming! Bring it on summer time (but could you go easy on the whole 100 degree temps and 125% humidity, K Thanks!).

We had a great year. I didn't get a single pic of Big Sister on her awards day. It was PACKED and I had to sell art after so I stood in the back and watched. She actually wore a dress (I know, no photographic evidence either). She made A/B honor roll and got perfect attendance. She had a hard year with the pressures of the 3rd grade GATE literacy test but she passed and we are moving on to 4th grade.

Little Sister had a BIG year. She has learned sooooo much in PreK. She can write all of her name, all of letters, she's reading a little and she can add and subtract some. Y'all, this is huge. She's 4! Her teacher is a friend of mine and she was absolutely perfect for my baby! They were great together. And she taught her sooo much. She's ready for kindergarten now. And so am I! I'm ready for my girls to be at the same school at the same time. For a few years anyway.

Big Sister is at the Y for the summer and Little Sister is back at her old preschool. Everyone is happy and healthy and that's what matters most.